Proiectele noastre


Auchan București

Building with height regime ground floor+mezzanine + 2 storeys + partial 3-5 storeys has as main function commerce and office spaces and includes:

  1. Trade space and connected services:
    • Auchan store with own rooms for products preparing and merchandise storage
    • Shopping galleries on ground floor and 1st floor
    • Public food serving spaces
    • Open public spaces for relaxation and food serving (food-court)
  2. Office spaces on the western side of the building, height regime ground floor+5 storeys
  3. Parking spaces at the ground floor, mezzanine, second floor and on the terrace

Project type

Shopping and offices building with height regime ground floor+mezzanine+2 storey + 2, 4, 5 partial storeys.


[83.000 mp]

Approximate total built area

[86.112,40 mp]

Unfolded area

Designed installations:

  • Sanitary and fire-fighting installations
  • Electrical and weak currents installations
  • Thermal and ventilation installations
  • Smoke vents and pressurisation installations
  • Outdoor water installations, foul water and rainwater sewer
  • Outdoor electrical installations