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Confidentiality Policy

concerning personal data protection as applied on INSTALDATAPROIECT.RO site

Please get informed on our confidentiality policy which includes our marketing purposes. If you have other additional questions about personal data accessing or correction contact us.

1. Legislation and data collection purposes

SC INSTAL DATA PROIECT SRL as owner and operator of INSTALDATAPROIECT.RO site as further named “OWNER” complies with the rules of GDPR Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation) when collecting and processing personal data from aforementioned site visitors, further named as “USERS/USER”.  

By “regulation” it is understood the concerned uniform law at European Level and by data it is understood users’ personal data. GDPR must be complied with by any legal entity selling products or services to persons, EU citizens. More information about GDPR regulation you find by visiting or the European site

Personal data collecting and processing by means of INSTALDATAPROIECT.RO site is done exclusively in the marketing purposes set up below:

-as to establish a commercial relationship concerning the services presented on site with the users who had explicitly required commercial data by means of the forms or the data of contact on site;

-to send newsletters and/or regular notifications by e-mail but only with additional and express agreement for this action;  

2. Personal data, consent and processing

The data considered personal data and collected on this site are: surname and/or name, telephone number, city, e-mail address, company name which the user represents, IP address. By filling in the data in the forms and ticking explicitly the confirmation boxes, the user had expressed free, informed consent and directed to this confidentiality statement.

When the explicit confirmation is provided a button / control is present to give you the possibility express your corresponding agreement or refusal. Consent is not a precondition for a commercial relationship and creates no contractual obligations.   

3. Personal data use, confidentiality

This site is HTTPS secured when transferring data from server and users. All forms included in this site DO NOT store publicly personal data but send it by means of e-mail services to the owner. This data sent by e-mail may be stored pursuant the in force legislation by third parties as internet connection providers, local networks, e-mail hosting. This site has no other methods of personal data collection.  

The personal data collected by this site may be stored on internal information systems in owner’s property, in view of a commercial offer or to comply with a legal / contractual obligation. The owner undertakes to manage the stored data under safety conditions and only for the mentioned commercial purposes.  

SC INSTAL DATA PROIECT SRL may deliver certain personal data collected by means of this site to other partner operators (courier services providers, marketing services providers, payment/banking services providers), but only based on a confidentiality commitment with them and only for the purposes mentioned guaranteeing the data is kept safely and personal data communication is carried out pursuant the in force legislation.    

4. Personal data removing

Pursuant Law 677/2001 the user benefits from the access right, intervention on the data, the right to ask for all personal data removal from the internal information systems under owner’s property and in this respect you may submit a written application to SC INSTAL DATA PROIECT SRL. Each newsletter and/or regular e-mail notification as previously accepted by the user is accompanied by the explicit possibility to unsubscribe and personal data removal used in this type of notification.

5. Cookies policy

“Cookie” is a type of text file which a site launches on user’s device as to collect data from site activities or to facilitate certain functions of the site. This site uses third parties’ cookies as to customise content and ads for visitors-based online marketing and to analyse traffic. The use of cookies aims provide better browsing experience and ads adapted to each visitor’s needs and interests. The cookies used on this site may be from third party services providers as: Google, Facebook, DoubleClick,, Majestic Seo, Hotjar, SEOmonitor and Cpanel.

How can you control cookies?

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details access site. You can delete all cookies on your computer and you may set most browsers to block their use. If you do this it is possible set manually some preferences each time you visit the site. At the same time some services or options may not function.     

6. Confidentiality statement and the corresponding policies modification   

SC INSTAL DATA PROIECT SRL may modify confidentiality statement and policies from time to time and encourages the users check this page. Further use of INSTALDATAPROIECT.RO site after any modification of Confidentiality statement represents your implied consent to it.