Installation design services

INSTAL DATA PROIECT is a notoriety limited liability company, who operates on the market since 1998. The company develops projects, offers technical consultancy, recommend and choose installation systems for beneficiaries. In general, the services offered by the company are addressed to similar organizations involved in the implementation of consultancy and building design (such as architectural and design companies).
However, the collaboration with companies of any kind of construction (project development, project managers in general) is not excluded. Our company can provide services directly to customers or other interested companies.

INSTAL DATA PROIECT is able to provide its customers the execution of installation systems in terms of quality, through well prepared documentation, projects developed in 3D and benefits of BIM (Building Information Modeling). In addition, the high standard of technical advice follows that customer’ installations to achieve top performance.
INSTAL DATA PROIECT is active both on the Cluj market and all over the country, the company having the availability and mobility needed to get involved in projects in all counties.

Specialties covered in the designing process:
- Interior installations of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and fire fighting, electrical and low current, gas
- Outdoor installation
- Utility connections
To achieve its objectives, INSTAL DATA PROIECT relies on its own staff consists of twenty specialists in mechanical and electrical installations. The company has contracts with specialized companies providing accounting, financial, human resources and IT, not having its own resources for these services.